About Us


A Dream Comes True

For dozens of years, I believed that I would enjoy beading, but I never found time to learn the art. 

In 2010, I was teaching 9th grade English,  Every year, the school gave us more and more students to teach. I realized that I desperately needed a hobby to get my mind away from school and my students, so I was finally motivated to take a beading class.

I fell in love with beading immediately, and started taking a new class every month to learn the various styles of beading. That was when I was introduced to bead-weaving. 

Many people ask me how I can have the patience to bead-weave. For me, bead-weaving in not tedious; it is a work of art that unfolds in my hands from my imagination. I love this art!



Bead-weaving connects me to an ancient line of creative women who used the same types of tools that I do today: needle, thread, beads.

Bead-weaving is an ancient art. The oldest beads found by archeologists were 85,000 years old. While visiting Moscow, Russia, The Russian Historical Museum had a skeleton of a 25,000 year old woman whose forehead still had the bead-woven headdress that she was buried with.

The tactile feel of the various types of beads, the multitude of colors and combinations, and the many styles of beading keep me a active student of this art. I am inspired my Native American, Russian, and American predecessors!


Art and Style

My pieces are hand-made by me. I do not have a production crew hiding behind the scenes! Each piece is lovingly created by my hands.

You can special order any color or size of jewelry by contacting me by email on this website. More complicated pieces can take up to a week to complete.

I put love and prayers into every piece I make! You will be wearing a unique piece of art and jewelry!