The History of Beading-Weaving

Bead-Weaving is an Ancient Art


The oldest know beads are 85,000 years old. The beads shown above are 75,000 years old. When I bead, I connect with the generations of women beaders who have gone before me. Their art inspires my art!

Beading is in many Museums


From the NYC Metropolitan Museum of Art to the Russian History Museum in Moscow, The history of beading is on exhibit. This picture is of a 25,000 year old woman of high rank whose beaded headdress is still encircled around her head.

I Use the Same Tools


These needles are from the ancient Vikings. I use the same tools, such as needles, thread, and awls, as did my ancient ancestors, but my tools are made of stainless steel and made for me. Yay, 21st century!

Styles of Bead-Weaving


There are so many styles of bead-weaving such as netting, herringbone, peyote, spiral ropes, chenille, brick, and right angle. That is why I am still an avid beader after ten years of beading. There is always. something new to learn! 

Beading Has Style


All cultures have used beading to adorn their clothing, and each culture has a unique style.

And the Bead(ing) Goes on


We beaders are not going to stop! Because of the many varieties of beads and beading styles, beading is more popular than ever!

My Tools and Beads


I love bling!

I love BLING! So, I only use only Swarovski crystals in my work. Nothing glitters like Swarovski crystals!

Glass Seed Beads

Glass beads make my jewelry feel like silk against your skin. They maintain their beautiful colors,

Glass beads feel like silk against your skin. They maintain their color, and they come in such a wide variety of colors that you are sure to find the perfect color for your piece. I mostly use Miyuki Japanese glass beads because they are the finest seed beads. NO PLASTIC in my jewelry!

Gifts from the Mother


I frequently walk the shoreline of Virginia Beach at low tide in search of unique shells. These shells are worm-eaten, and each one has a unique pattern. I combine them with glass seed beads and Swarovski crystals to create one-of-a-kind, dazzling Jewelry.

Needle and thread


Bead-weaving is like sewing with beads. Therefore, I use special bead-weaving thread, called Fireline, with very thin needles that can go through the tiny holes of very small beads.

Jewelers Tools


I use tools to cut thread, fools to pull thread through tight places, tools to wrap wires for earrings, and tools to crimp the clasps of my pieces.

Craft Optics Glasses


Although my husband laughs at me when I wear these glasses, they will allow me to bead until the day I die! That is why I invested in these incredible beader optics. 

My Styles



Hand-woven tree ornaments and jewelry in a wide variety of color combinations

Russian Scarves


A unique necklace that beautifully accents any neck.

Can be worn under or outside a blouse or jacket.



Available in a wide variety of styles, lengths, and colors.



From cuffs to wraps, available in a wide variety of color combinations.

Gifts from the Mother


Necklaces, bracelets, and earrings made from unique shells gathered on the shores of Virginia Beach.

Beaded Beads


Accent a scarf or use as a pendant. Available in many colors. 



Matching earrings enhance other pieces of jewelry. Buy a set to compliment your special Debora Orrick Creation.

One of a kind


I only made one of these!

Pink Girls

Yes, I am one, too!

Yes, I am one, too!